How to create the appearance of a twin robot

Appearance model

To create the appearance of a person, it does not need to undergo any special procedures. For this, a few photos are enough – specialists will create a 3D model, which will become the basis of the “face” of the droid.

Create a lookalike robot of yourself

With just a photo

Metal framing

There is a is a metal frame at the heart of each twin robot on which modules, servo drives and other elements are installed, by which the robot imitates emotions. This is a patented design developed by the Robo-C team.

Each construction is unique – its structure depends on features of the robot’s appearance and is assembled by hand (just like Bentley cars).

Artificial Skin

We have our own technology for creating artificial skin – we use a special three-level silicone. The polymer repeats the features of the skin – micro expressions, wrinkles, eye shape, lip size and other characteristics of a person. It is created manually and just like a metal frame.

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