The robot concierge with the appearance of a man

Robo-C can connect to the security system, databases, and telephony. All residents of the house or office staff are known by the robot – a concierge with a perfect memory and always in a good mood.

The “real” albert Einstein will meet your guests, give them a pass and recognize them the next meeting.

What can a robot concierge do

Communicate, answer questions

Recognize and remember faces

Issue passes to guests


Connect to external systems and databases

Scan the documents

Request permission to let a guest in via a call or app

Robo-C Areas of Application

Business centres
Residential complexes
State institutions
Company offices

Robo-C helps to


Save on salaries

Release employees from menial tasks

Automate business processes


Serve the customers faster

Improve the mood and loyalty of guests

Attract new customers


Attract the attention of the media

Stand out among the competitors

Create an image of a high-tech company

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