Robot with the appearance of any person for a museum or exhibition

Madame Tussauds Museum is the largest and most famous wax museum in the world. Thanks to Robo-C you have the opportunity to create your own museum, but in a different format: guests will be able not only to look at the figures of musicians, actors and scientists, but also to listen to their speech, and even communicate with them.

Robo-C can be both an employee and an exhibit of the museum, become the “face” of your company at any exhibition.

What can a Robo-C do

Communicate, answer questions

Recognize and remember faces

Attract the attention of visitors


Connect to external systems and services

Have a targeted conversation

Show the promotional materials on the screen

Robo-C Areas of Application

Forums and conferences
Entertainment centers

Robo-C helps to


Save on salaries

Release employees from menial tasks

Automate business processes


Serve the customers faster

Improve the mood and loyalty of guests

Attract new visitors


Attract the attention of the media

Stand out among the competitors

Create an image of a high-tech company

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