How Robo-C communicates

Robo-C can chat with a person on any topic. The linguistic database operates on the following principle: The robot recognizes speech, then determines the intent, and then looks for an answer.

What is linguistic base?

The linguistic base (or linguo-base) consists of replies – both companion’s and robot’s replies. The replies are combined as the rules. For example:


— Hello, robot


— Hello. I am Robo-C.

The robot can answer to the same phrase in a various way:

— Hello, robot!


— It’s a nice day for good conversation!

It is the rule of the linguo-base: a set of robot replies which it can use to answer to certain person expression.

One rule can contain a lot of replies, i. e. “Hello, robot” case. Or it can contain only one reply, for example when the robot is asked where is the
W. C. If the W.C. location was not changed, the robot will always show the same place.


How the base works?

The linguistic database has 5 basic levels. The robot uses these levels to find the answer to any question.
1. Answers to the questions associated with the place of work are stored at the first level. This base is created individually for each client: “Where to find?”, “How to buy?”, “Which discounts do you have?”, “Where is the departure gate?” and so on.
2. General questions are stored at the second level. It is a unified base of all the robots: “How are you?”, “What are you doing?”, “Tell me an anecdote”, “Who are you?”, and so on.

3. The third level is the Internet. If the robot cannot find an answer at the first or second level, it starts to look for it on the Internet: «“What is synchrophasotron?”, “Who is the president of Turkey”, “What’s the weather like today?”

There is an exception: the robot does not use the information, which it first found on the Internet, it uses only relevant sources.

4. The fourth level – low priority questions. If the robot cannot find answers to the question on the Internet (generally, not existing answers), it gives common answers highlighting basic words.

— How much does it cost to bail out on Jupiter?


— I think it is expensive.

A person can say something indistinctly. Then the robot changes topic or uses additional phrase, adjusted by the owner:

— Abrakadabra simsalabim.


— Your utterance is perfect. Have you heard about new discounts?

5. All the requests which were not recognized by the robot are sent to this level. This can happen because of indistinct speech, changes in languages or external factors.

— fgjhrkkflkhwrgwjfsml.


— Please repeat your request.

Additional phrases and other possibilities

Additional phrases assist in operating, answering the user’s questions, channeling the conversation in a proper manner, making interest with the companion, adding compliments, questions, jokes.

— Robot, do you know who I am [name of the owner]??


— Yes. And this person definitely needs a bunch of our flowers.

The basic questions system allows the robot owner creating complex dialogues – for example, sale scripts.

Using the linguistic base, it is also possible to add various photos and video, set of movements and emotions to the robot replies. It is possible to adjust advert statements, their periodicity and conditions – for example, only for men, only for women or for certain age companions.

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