How to digitalize a human personality

Robo-C specialists not only copy the appearance of a person, but also recreate the manner of speech, pace and voice timbre. This process – the digitization of personality – helps to achieve maximum resemblance to the original.

Character and manner of speech

To recreate the man’s speech style and some traits of his character, psychologists conduct interviews with the “prototype”. Then, experts create a linguistic model that takes into account the characteristics of temperament, character, and mood – and download it into a robotic copy. As a result, the droid answers the questions exactly as a specific person would do (or very close to the original).

If you want to surprise a friend by giving him a twin robot, or order a copy of a famous actor – psychologists can analyze data from open sources. Interviews, videos, posts on social networks, audio messages and other information will help us.


The Robo-C voice is created individually for each droid. Linguists collect person voice data (by interviews or audio messages) and analyze them, identifying voice features – timbre, pace, pitch and speed of speech.

Meanwhile there is no technology that will allow you to copy the voice of a particular person as accurately as Robo-C copies appearance. But we are working on it.

Create a lookalike robot of yourself

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