How to Digitize a Person

Robo-C Project specialists do more than copy a person’s appearance when creating their humanoid robot. Robo-C features a unique pace, timbre, and tone of voice. We call the process the «digitization» of a person; it allows us to create a real human’s closest robot copy.

Manner of speech

Sometimes, to recreate the person’s speech features, we interview them with a psychologist. Afterward, Robo-C linguists create a language model that imitates the person’s temper, character, and general mood; that model will be uploaded into the robot. Robo-C uses it to answer questions as though they were asked from a human prototype. Surprise your friend with their exact robot copy or a copy of their favorite actor. We’ll use interviews, videos, social media, and everything else to recreate the character with the voice.


The voice of the robot is an individual development for each copy. Company specialists collect info about the voice (including audio recordings and interviews) and analyze it, determining what makes it unique — including timbre, pace, tone of speech.

To date, there is no such technology that would recreate a person’s voice in its entirety, similarly to how we recreate the appearance with Robo-C robots. Yet.

Digitize your appearance with one photo

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