Autonomous service robots are coming to CES 2020

An autonomous service robot by Promobot will be featured at the upcoming CES in Las Vegas, Nevada. Promobot robots can interact with people, recognize faces and people’s speech, move and avoid collisions. Promobot works autonomously, which means it doesn’t require a person to control it. Promobot can integrate with any software or network: from databases and security systems, to websites and platforms.

To date, 514 Promobot robots work in 37 countries around the world. They offer automated solutions and can operate as greeters, consultants, promoters, receptionists and guides. Promobot can offer partial assistance or entirely fulfill those roles. They work at airports, phone service stores, banks, shopping malls, business centers, museums, compound homes, restaurants, etc.

Meet one of the Promobot robots at Booth 25856.

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