Humanoid Robot is an Election Observer in Perm Region

Developed by Robo-C Project startup, the robot is called Yuri.

Yuri controls the election process at one of the polling places in Perm, Eastern Europe. It tracks the process and records everything while informing people on the voting process in the area.

According to Igor Vagin, the Head of the Election Commission in Perm Region,

«We aim to provide the region’s most transparent voting process. Currently, 8402 observers control it in the Perm Region. Now, we are looking to advance that process by bringing technologies into it. For us to use the technology, it must be convenient for voters and comply with the law, and if it’s both, then we are ready to implement it as quickly as we can. Today, we have a robot as one of the observers at the voting poll. It combines two important features for legitimate elections: video surveillance and communication with the voters. It helps with any questions or concerns just like a real observer would, while constantly doing video control of the entire area.»

According to the Robo-C founder,

«Our robot observes the election process at one of the polling stations. We provide more than video surveillance: the robot briefs people on parties and key info about the candidates, answers questions, and even entertains people. It chats, tells stories, and helps people while they wait for their turn to vote.»

Robo-C is an anthropomorphic robot that imitates human emotions. It moves eyes and eyebrows, lips, and other artificial muscles. Mechanical muscles created with Robo-C’s patented technologies allow the robot to mimic more than 600 human facial expressions.

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