Humanoid Robots to Work for My Documents Office in Moscow

Their names are Alex and Dasha.

Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin cut the ribbon on the new My Documents office on December 21. The flagship location opened in Moscow’s Eastern Administrative Okrug. Two peculiar employees will greet the visitors: they are Robo-C robots with a human appearance.

It is the first time in Russia when two robot coworkers operate at one workplace; they even interact with one another. The humanoids are a development of the Robo-C Project.

Two robots feature an anthropomorphic man and woman-like appearance. They imitate people’s emotions: move their eyes and eyebrows, lips, and other artificial muscles. Mechanical muscles created with Robo-C’s patented technologies allow the robot to mimic more than 600 human facial expressions. No other humanoid robot in the industry can recreate such a broad spectrum of emotions. Robo-C specialists utilize a patented skin technology developed in the company’s Far East office, with The Far East High Technology Fund supporting the development. A portion of those investments went into growing the company’s Far East office. Besides polymer skin research, the Vladivostok office is responsible for the 3D modeling stage of every robot created by the company.

The assistants share a single reception desk, where they greet and consult the visitors of My Documents. A simple interaction process includes communicating with the robots through a single interface, consisting of a webcam, a microphone array, and a touch-screen display. Robots recognize the voice and face of the person and automatically initiate the dialogue.

Robots help visitors with services at My Documents, using a database of frequently asked questions and responses. Robots are now at the initial implementation stage. Both assistants help with document requirements, register users at They inform people about city projects, such as Moscow Longevity, Healthy Moscow, Sports Weekend, and Moscow: Taking Care of History. In 2021, robots will receive new features and will be able to answer more questions to help people with more services.

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