Robo-C Project Opens a New Office

This is the third manufacturing location of the company.

A new office of the company is now operating in the East Asia region. It is tasked with improving the quality of the appearance of Robo-C humanoid robots. The company attracted funding from the Far Eastern investment fund, which invested $2,3 million in Robo-C’s parent company in April 2020.

The new office is focused on 3D modeling and polymer production. The office serves as a representative of the Robo-C Project in Asia.

The head of the office curates the manufacturing process for each robot model made at the location. A 4-people team operates polymers, creates 3D models, and manufactures robot skin.

According to the representative,

«Our most important task now is to advance humanoid robots and make them as aesthetically appealing as they are functional. We have all of the resources to do that, so we’re way on our way to a significant leap in this new exciting technology.»

In addition to new developments, the new office will become an R&D center for people digitization, face anatomy, etc. There are several stages of creating the robot’s appearance, with multiple skin layers going one over another. As a result, even the most complicated appearances can be recreated digitally and through the robot’s model, down to facial hair, eye form, and pores. The first-ever person to lend their appearance for Robo-C was the company’s chairman.

Robo-C representative comments:

«In the entire robotics market, there are just two manufacturers of humanoid service robots. We have to open new locations and spread our experience across new regions, especially if we have resources to do it. We are looking to be the first-class robot supplier for all types of businesses, and our manufacturing facilities only ensure we’re on the right path.»

Three Robo-C Project offices are now producing humanoid robots: a Philadelphia headquarters and two Hong Kong and Far East offices.

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