Robo-C Project Starts Mass Production of Humanoid Robots

The company manufactures robots with custom human-like appearance.


Robo-C Project has begun mass production of a new human-like robot that functions as companions. It is the first-ever humanoid robot that integrates with third-party services and can look like any person on Earth.

A robot is an anthropomorphic machine. It imitates human emotions with the highest precision; moves eyes and eyebrows, lips, and multiple artificial muscles. Robo-C specialists utilize patented technologies in creating the robot’s dialogue, inside the carcass, and artificial skin. As a result, the robot mimics more than six hundred human emotions and answers general and special questions. The company has its own component database to control every development stage, from artificial skin development to logistics and customization.















Founders claim that Robo-C is crucial in developing human-robot interaction; it can assume various menial tasks, including visitor assistance and management. It will be an essential service tool at banks, governmental buildings, offices.

Robo-C Project works with companies and people in need of a companion or assistant ― the robot integrates with smart appliances, similarly to current voice assistant solutions. According to founders,

“Now, anybody can create a robot that will look like a human; for personal and business use alike. Robo-C tremendously pushes the service and entertainment markets alike. Imagine the exact robot copy of Michael Jordan selling merch or your favorite singer performing their most famous tunes at the restaurant? Robo-C Project recreates entire linguistic models so the robot can speak like its prototype, up to the minuscule speech features and patterns of the ‘original’.”

The company has several private orders, with most of them coming from the United States’ entertainment sector. Preorder your Robo-C robot on our website.

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