The humanoid robot started to work at the Yekaterinburg multifunctional center

The robot autonomously accepts documents and enters data into the information system of the multifunctional center.

On October 5, 2021, the humanoid robot developed by Promobot started to work at the new central office of the multifunctional center “My Documents” in Yekaterinburg. A male humanoid robot could substitute a public service specialist. In fact, it was a first and unique case in Russia.

The robot is presented like an absolutely anthropomorphic machine. It expresses emotions like a human. It moves the eyes, eyebrows, lips and other “muscles”. Moreover, the robot can communicate and answer the questions. Technology developed by Promobot and its own proprietary design give the opportunity to reproduce more than 600 variants of human microexpressions. Promobot specialists also used their technology for the artificial skin creation.

“Breaking down the barrier of human-machine interaction is our top priority. Six months ago, we could get scientific support for our hypothesis. The study of social attitudes regarding robots, particularly in the multifunctional center environment, was conducted in Russia for the first time ever” – says Alexey Yuzhakov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Promobot. He claims that even we were surprised by the obtained results. It turned out that a robotic human was the one to get the most positive evaluation from the multifunctional center clients. Consequently, the perfect formula for the services includes the combination of a human appearance and communication via a robot script. A human will never speak like a robot, but a robot that looks like a human is forthcoming. We are moving forward in the right direction.”

Alexey Yuzhakov, the Promobot founder and chairman of the board of directors, has become the prototype of the robot’s appearance . Actually, 11 attempts were made to take silicone molds from him. If you want to get one mold, you should sit still for several hours. After that, some processes were performed with “mask”.  At first, it was digitized in a 3D model, and then the facial expressions “were drawn” for it. The problem is that the robot faces always look wider (silicone has a greater thickness than the human skin) and more mature due to the absence of muscle tone.

The robot itself accepts visitors in the multifunctional center. The client only comes to a free window, where the automated specialist meets him. A whole ecological system was created around the robot: the machine is connected to other devices and services. Hence, the robot scans documents (passport, the certificate of birth, driver’s license, notarized power of attorney). Subsequently, based on the type of document, the robot forms an application. The visitor signs the application; in its turn, the robot scans and sends it to the information system of the multifunctional center.

“The robot will be able to advise, e.g., on the question of the passport change. It will print out a checklist of documents you are required to bring, including the tickets . In general, the robot accelerates the process” – said Roman Komissarov, a Promobot regional representative, at the innoprom forum. “The experience obtained in Moscow showed that even seniors could cope with it. They understand that the robot is standing here for a reason. Thus, they come to the robot and ask questions.

Promobot was founded in 2015 in Perm. Since then, it has been a Skolkovo resident. Today Promobot is the largest manufacturer of service robots in Europe. There are promobots in 42 countries, working as administrators, promoters, consultants, guides and concierges. They replace and support humans. Promobots work in Sberbank, Russia’s Modern History Museum, multifunctional centers, Baltimore-Washington airport and in Dubai Mall. All the products of the company are made in Russia.

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