How Robots Help Humans in Everyday Life, Part 2

In Part 1, we discussed several new robots that assist humanity in service.

In Part 1, we discussed several new robots that assist humanity in service. Here are more examples of how robots make people’s lives easier: from delivery to comfort and healthcare.

Robots for temperature screening

Thermocontrol is a temperature device for high traffic areas. It provides contactless five-second temperature checks. It is highly accurate — each measurement is accurate up to 0,2°C. Thermocontrol works in the USA, Germany, Greece, and other countries around the world.

Thermocontrol Plus can integrate with the door access system and grant access based on the screening results. It recognizes people and sends notifications if the temperature exceeds the threshold.

Robots for self-care

Social robots Qoobo have appeared in Japan during the pandemic. A Qoobo looks and reacts like a cat, wags its tail, and even purrs like a cat. It was developed for people with allergies still looking to get a pet; however, during the worldwide isolation, it became even more popular as a companion for lonely people.

Robots for testing

It is unsafe for people to conduct coronavirus tests. COVID-19 spreads extremely fast from person to person. Several robots against the coronavirus were developed to assume that task and not put healthcare workers in danger.

Lifeline Robotics is a Danish company that developed a robot for nose slabs. The robot’s body is a metal frame with a 3D-printed hand for taking remotely controlled tests.

Brain Navi from Taiwan also presented a nose slab robot. It features face recognition which allows the robot to take the slabs automatically. Then it adds each test for further transferring to the lab.

Robots for social distancing

Boston Dynamics supplied a Singapore park with their signature Spot robot. It features speakers and a camera that monitors people’s walking distance from one another. The robot also delivers medical supplies to a local hospital and generally assists with express delivery duties.

The coronavirus pandemic introduced more people to robotics in their daily lives. Now, people are more used to digital solutions and technologies that assist us in crisis.

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